About Clubs NZ

Clubs New Zealand exists to add value for some 300 affiliated clubs and their members throughout New Zealand. It’s about leveraging the power of all for the benefit of all. With approximately 300,000 club members, staff and volunteers, that makes for a very influential group.

For several years, Clubs New Zealand has worked with Abbott Underwriting Group through a joint venture company called Clubs New Zealand Insurance Services. It provides member clubs with access to extremely competitive commercial insurance and best of all, returns a profit share directly to Clubs New Zealand, funding essential services and offsetting capitation costs for members.

Clubs Share Financial Services is another string to the bow.

Working with Abbott Group and selected hand-picked partners, Clubs New Zealand is delighted to offer clubs, members and their families an exclusive financial services package. Each partner understands the ‘Clubs way’ and each partner is offering something for you and your Club.

So every time you purchase an essential financial service, you benefit and so does your club.

We’re just a phone call away if you’d like to know more. Best of all, switching is hassle-free. We’ll take care of everything for you.

0800 081 443